The racing attracts boats from all over North Wales and the North West as well as entries from further afield, with enthusiastic participation from the two local marinas at Conwy and Deganwy.  The emphasis is on racing for fun and to improve your skills (rather than an endurance test), so races are short – no more than 3 hours – and courses are set out in the open waters of Conwy Bay where there’s plenty of room and little tide.

There will 2 days of handicap racing over the first weekend, which will be split into a variety of classes, with prizes being awarded for the top 3 in each class.


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Pre-race briefings are held for all the above events and it’s advisable to attend if you possibly can.  At the briefing you’ll receive your boat’s race number and you can make sure you’ve got the correct class flag and all the necessary documents (including your free social tickets!).   You’ll meet other competitors, get all the latest info on race organisation, and have an opportunity to ask questions.  The arrangements for briefings will be published in the sailing schedule (and also in the Sailing Instructions).


There are some magnificent trophies and prizes to be won, and this year we also have a cash prize fund of £1500 which will be shared between the 3 top finishers of each class.