Dayboat Racing Marks and Course Card


Mark Descriptions

B (Bodlondeb)The green channel buoy off Bodlondeb point.
C (Cob)A yellow buoy off the Cob on the Deganwy side of the bridge.
D (Deganwy)A faded pink buoy off Deganwy slipway.
HBThe red channel buoy off Deganwy Marina entrance nearest to the Bodlondeb shore.
HDThe red buoy off Deganwy Marina entrance nearest to the Marina itself.
IDMA yellow buoy acting as the inner distance mark on the Start Line.
M (Morfa)A yellow buoy on the western side of the river between the entrance to Conwy Marina and the Beacons jetty.
T (Tunnel)A yellow buoy near to the end of the tunnel bund on the Llandudno Junction side of the river.

Start and Finish Lines

The continuation of a line between two white poles with orange triangles mounted on the wall of the quayside. A yellow buoy acts as an inner distance marker at the start and finish of races: boats must pass on the Conwy (western) side of this buoy at the start and end of the races, but may use the full width of the river otherwise.


All marks are to be left to Port unless specified by (s).

Course 1SL, D, C;
D, C;
D, C, Finish.
Course 5SL, T, D, M, B;
T, D, M, B;
T, D, M, Finish.
Course 2SL, D, M, HB, T;
HD, D, M, HB, T;
HD, D, M, HB, T, Finish.
Course 6SL, D, B, T(s), C(s);
D, B, T(s), C(s);
D, B, T(s), C(s), Finish.
Course 3SL, C, T, B(s), M(s);
T(s), C(s), B(s), D(s);
C, Finish.
Course 7SL, C, D;
C, D;
C, D, Finish.
Course 4SL, T(s), C(s), D, M;
T(s), C(s), HD(s);
T(s), C(s), M(s), D(s);
HD(s), T(s), Finish.
Course 8SL, D, M, T(s), C(s);
D, M, HD;
M, T(s), C(s);
M, Finish.
Course WSpecial course to be notified on the day.