Results – 2019

The Conwy River Festival 2019 racing results were as follows:

Class 1

RankBoat NameSkipperNHCRace 1Race 2Total
1Carpe DiemTony Jones0.861134
2TalarisDavid Parkman0.929224
3North StarCris Miles1.045415
4Mistral of St. HelierKeith Mander0.977347
5Mahalo of ConwyAustin Goudge0.9505510
6Good KarmaBen Holt0.8356/RET7/DNC16

Class 2

RankBoat NameSkipperNHCRace 1Race 2Total
1Pisces of StoneKen Young0.900123
2Penny DiamondJohn Broadhead0.892235
3Pinch of ThymeMike Ousbey0.9246410
4Free WillStephen Gorst0.9064610
5BijouxDominic Fox0.9375813
6Joie de VivreCarl Gardiner0.9007714
7No DramasArthur Davies0.88814/DNC115
8Good Mood 4Colin Boswell-Williams0.950313/RET16
9WhitewaterM Gell0.88781018
10Good MoodRobert Boughton0.88014/DNC519
11PromisesJohn Nicol0.835913/RET22
12ShearwaterChristopher Collin0.96714/DNC923
13GigiJohn Carroll0.87614/DNC1125

Class 3

RankBoat NameSkipperNHCRace 1Race 2Race 3Total
1Glen IslaBen Glynn0.8001124
2PipPete Harrison0.8485/DNC319
3AltairTony Edmonds0.793225/DNC9
4Northern StarJohn Howarth0.800345/DNC12


RankBoat NameSkipperRace 1Race 2Race 3Total
1Margaret IIDavid Warden-Owen1113
2Swyn y DonJohn & Rosie Eckett2248
3AcushlaPeter Roberts3328
4MercuryColin Lee6/DNF5314
5KathleenIan Johnson6/DNF4515
6KandaharKeith Simpson47/DNC7/DNC18

NOTE: Day 1 – Mercury and Kathleen classed as DNF for passing inside the inner distance mark at the finish

Nobby / Gaffer / Classics

RankBoat NameSkipperRace 1Race 2Total
1Sea ma ChilliMike Leharne112
ComradesBob AngellDNSDNS
SprayTom MiddlebrookDNSDNS
CachalotAndy WilliamsDNSDNS
Sar AnnRichard WattersDNSDNS
PhyllisKevin GouldingDNSDNS

Points Awarded

The points awarded are in accordance with the sailing instructions – i.e. 1 point for 1st place, 2 points for 2nd, 3 points for 3rd etc.  The points awarded for DNS and DNC are equivalent to the number of boats competing in the series + 1, the points awarded for DNF are the number of boats in the race. Tie breaks will be resolved in accordance with RRS Appendix A.