Signups Galore!

Signups for the Festival have exceeded all expectations this year.  We have the following 36 boats signed up for the racing:

Acushla, Anastasia, Barada II, Bijoux, Calva, Carpe Diem, Comrades, Diego, Firecrest, Free Will, Jean, Joie de Vivre, Kandahar, Mahalo, Margaret II, Mercury, Minx 2, Mistral of St Helier, Musetta, Phyllis, Pinch of Thyme, Pisces of Stone, Promises, Rhapsody, Sara Ann, Scooby, Sea ma chilli, Seiriol, Slippery Seal, Spray, Swn-y-Don, Talaris, Trash, Viva, Whitewater, Windsong

And the following 21 boats have signed up for the LA-LA Rally:

Annica, Barada II, Bluenote II, Charismoe, Diego, Eira, Free Will, Gigi, Green Goose, Gypsy Lady, Joie de Vivre, Mahalo, Pinch of Thyme, Pisces of Stone, Promises, Scooby, Sea ma chilli, Sea Swallow, The Articles, Wednesday’s Child, Whitewater.

A massive thank you to all entrants for supporting the event!