The LA-LA Rally 2018

So the 7 week British heatwave summer decided it was going to have a little breather, coincidentally starting at just the same moment the LA-LA fleet left Conwy to head for Caernarfon on Friday, and finishing just as the fleet were approaching Conwy on Sunday. 

Although it was wet and grey on Friday, we at least had a good breeze and 15 boats headed out, up around Puffin and down to Menai Br where we waited for the tide. The weather improved a little during the day and we had a clear trip through the Swellies and on to Caernarfon where we had a warm welcome from the Royal Welsh and a buffet meal. 

Saturday dawned grey and dank. We had plans for a beach barbecue and despite some positive thinking and talk of braving it, common sense prevailed and many of us decamped to Weatherspoons for breakfast.   Various groups went walking or steam train riding, and by early afternoon it had brightened so some of us resurrected the barbecue idea on the waterfront, with great success.

A bit later, after some drinks and the judging of the quiz in Caernarfon Sailing Club, we all decamped to Fu’s Cantonese restaurant for a slap up meal.  Very loud, yes, but we had fun. 

Sunday dawned. And guess what – it was grey and dank. We donned waterproofs and set out in the morning, paused for breakfast on the moorings off Port Dinorwic and then headed off for a LW passage through the Swellies. With rather well executed timing, the weather started breaking and it was bright and good vis by the time we arrived at Brittania Bridge. 

The wind picked up to a decent f3-4and we all had a great sail back to Conwy, ending the day in bright sunshine, just to rub it in.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who took part – we ended up with 18 boats (as a couple more joined us over the weekend) which was a fabulous turnout and thank you all for the lovely gift to myself and Mary at the prize giving – that really made our day!

Congratulations to the four prize winners:

  • The CRF Shield for expert seamanship to James on Magic Dragon
  • The Dawson Cobbler Trophy for unconventional sailing activity to Chris and John on Barada II
  • The Good Egg award to Sally from Pinch of Thyme
  • The LA-LA Trophy (awarded to the winners of the quiz) to Sandra and Arthur on Scooby.

To see photos from the whole of the CRF – racing and LA-LA – please check out the gallery here, and please feel free to add your own photos too.

Best wishes, and see you all out on the water.

Mahalo of Conwy